Poole Harbour Cruise, 13th - 14th June 2017


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Part 1
During Seavets stay in Poole we did our annual cruise around the Harbour - Joe Coulson,Steve Fletcher, Simon Barker, Andy Lacy, Alan Jackson, Maurice Humberstone, John's Ellis Chubb and Terry, plus myself. Launching at midday from Lake Pier we headed west with the expected 7/8 mph wind behind us towards Giggers Island. We were making good progress until half way there when the wind decided to go completely missing, with most of us marooned in a black hole and sitting on our boards. Steve and Joe managed to break free and caught a nice breeze coming from the west allowing them to sail round Giggers. In the meantime the sitting down group had sensed a puff of wind and headed to Rockley for an ice cream while I headed off to intercept Joe and Steve.

Lunch at Shipstall PointBy the time we got to Rockley ice creams had been consumed and we joined up again to regroup back at base.
At this point we decided that the full cruise would be difficult in the variable conditions so we set off for our beach picnic at Shipstal Point minus Andy and Maurice who both retired. The remaining 8 had a nice reach across to Shipstal and a pleasant lunch on this almost deserted beach, after this we sailed in very light wind anti-clockwise round Long and Round Islands where Joe and I had a close encounter with a friendly seal, we then made our way N towards Hamworthy where we had an ice cream stop before returning to base having completed a half cruise of 13.5 miles according to Steve's gps track

Part 2
The following morning with a promise of a steady 10mph wind and sunshine all, day five of the original sailors Joe,Steve, Alan, John E, and myself were joined by Dave Rabbetts to complete the remaining 3 Islands. We set sail at 11.00 and headed of on a beat into a fairly fresh easterly wind towards Green and then Furzey Islands putting in plenty of tacks to stay in the channel through South Deep. We then crossed the wide expanse of Brand Bay to reach our lunch stop on Shell Bay. After another pleasant beach picnic we headed back downwind skirting Island number 6, Brownsea, carefully negotiating our way through the busy ferry traffic. With the wind still at 10mph behind us we made good progress down the north side of the Island on a run followed by a broad reach across to Hamworthy for yet another ice cream stop. After this the wind puffed up a bit and we had a series of broad reaches the last couple of miles back to Lake Pier.
Steve's tracker was showing we had covered another 13.8 miles making a total of 27.3 for our first ever two day cruise.



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