Brogborough, 7th April 2018


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The day started overcast, dry and by recent standards almost sub-tropical. Seven lost souls unable to find something else to do turned up, two supervets and four megavets, prepared to do battle under the guidance of Alan Chick the race officer. As start time approached, it would be an exaggeration to call the wind a Zephyr. The top end of the lake was a mirror, the half closest to the clubhouse slightly less so. In true Seavets style a course was agreed, upwind down wind in front of the clubhouse. No sooner set and the smooth surface of the water swapped ends. The far end of the lake had the breeze and our course was glossy.

A half hour delay was declared. The Zephyr started to build over the next half hour, so a sort of triangular course was set, again next to the shore due to no committee boat. At least the sailors could shake off the winter. The racing was close with Alan leading most of the with Mike, Andy and John trading places to the end, Richard, David and Roger also battling it out. By race two, the wind had arrived but from a different direction, you guessed it, another course change.This time, we were able to use more of the lake. The race started with the same battles going on as before, until that is Andy decided he did not like our course and set off on one of his own, gifting the race to Alan. For those wondering where Mike was during all this, he was using a Phantom Batwing and as yet was not as one with it. Maybe now is your time to get his scalp before he gets used to it or goes back to his old board.

After lunch, two more races were held in a steady-ish force three breeze. Andy, stung by his friends constant reminders of the course over lunch, went out and won both, although in the first race after lunch there was a coming together between Andy and Alan which almost cost them both the race. Alan says it was because he was not expecting Andy to be on the same course as everyone else, so did not see him. The long winter layoff did have an effect on the fitness of some who decided an early shower made more sense but all things considered, THE BOYS DONE WELL.

The final result went to Alan who beat Andy by one point with Mike two points further back.

Tony Goodwin
HUGE thanks to Tony for volunteering as Race Officer for the day, aided and abetted by Alan Chick - or was it the other way round?



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