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Island Cruises and Informal Racing at Datchet

On Wednesdays, weather permitting, a group of Seavets usually meet at Datchet Water SC, aiming to have 4 informal races round the reservoirs buoys during the day. Further information from Richard Williams .

Richard also organises a series of island cruises. Depending on the weather these can be quite strenuous, but are more usually a gentle days cruising incorporating stops for lunch and tea. The distance covered in a day is typically some 20 miles. A raceboard is essential to ensure efficient beating, particularly in light wind conditions. The group sails without rescue cover and so takes all possible safety precautions. Click here for a brief description of all the cruises planned for 2017

Hayling Island Cruise, August 2017

Isle of Sheppey, 25 July 2017

Poole Harbour Cruise, June 2017

Chichester Harbour Cruise

After the recent cool weather it was pleasantly mild as 8 Seavets gathered at HISC for the Chichester cruise - Simon Barker, Andy Lacy, Maurice Humberstone, John's Chubb and Ellis, Chris Rowland, Gordon Jeffery and myself. We set sail at 10.30 in bright sunshine and beat up the Chichester channel into the forecast 10mph southeasterly wind, then turning north on a reach towards Bosham. On arrival at 11.30 for the coffee stop we parked the boards next to a car parked on the waters edge. It was still over an hour before high water and by the time our coffees were served the car was surrounded by water. The owner then appeared and had to remove his shoes and socks and wade out to rescue his car; it seems to happen every time we go there despite the warning signs.Bosham Lunch
After this amusing break we set sail again at 12.00 through the weed and made our way back out into the Chichester channel. We then had a beat through the moorings into what was now a bit more breeze followed by a rain shower. It was still raining when we arrived at the Crown & Anchor Dell Quay at 1.00 through still more weed and compared quantities of the stuff picked up on the way. The pub was very accommodating and allowed some rather damp windsurfers sit inside for our rather expensive £14.50 fish & chip lunch, so upmarket that the mushy peas were served in a seashell.
Setting sail again at 2.00 the sun came back out again and we made our way on a broad reach to start with and then a run all the way back to HISC. The wind was lighter now but driven by the outgoing tide we made good progress and enjoyed the scenery on route arriving back at 3.15. According to John Chubb's tracker we had covered 19.7 miles in 3 hours 15 min, a very pleasant early season outing.



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